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Once upon a time in a parallel universe far far away, or more precisely Liverpool, there lived a student, a wise and noble student, whose name escapes me at present. Anyway this student had a plan which he sadly mislaid. It was a good plan, a master plan and I think it involved student houses somewhere along the line................and suddenly PJG STUDENT HOMES was created!!!

But to be serious it all happen way back in the 80s {let me put it in perspective, Soft Cell's Tainted Love was No1} I was a student or something like that whiling away endless nights at the Blue Angel Club. I'd passed through some desperate houses where dead fridges lived on as cupboards or wardrobes, and where showers, central heating and a decent bed were to be found only in the grainy image of a black and white TV American soap.

Well PJG STUDENT HOMES won't give you the Ritz experience but we aim to provide a nice room in a nice house and at a reasonable price, and with a landlord that can still recall student life {just).

And what of the future??????????? Damsels in distress, fighting off dragons, or unblocking drains? Who can say, its all the capable hands of my good friend Mr D Estiny!

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